about the blog//

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I knew I wanted to look at it holistically, to get back on track with my health in a way that considered all of who I am and what I do. But I found that the path wasn’t straightforward, finding doctors who wanted to treat all of me didn’t come easy.  Finding a healing philosophy – and treatments – that made sense to me didn’t happen right away. So, I’m questing. Researching. Asking around. Also looking in, and listening.

What I’m finding is worth sharing.

Turns out I’m not fighting a battle with cancer, I’m fighting a battle with our culture for the definition of cancer. So this blog is the seed of a project to re-define cancer. I’m learning cancer is not always a boogeyman disease striking like lightning, random and deadly. More often, cancer is a symptom of a life – and a society – out of balance. Many of us have time to decide how to treat that imbalance. Sharing my story here of discovery, of learning, of looking in, is helping me treat the root causes of my cancer, and hopefully helping you reconsider your options.

about me//

I’m a 37 year old woman who writes, designs, builds, fishes, and travels from a small island among the rainforests and glaciers of Southeast Alaska. Before life issued me this cool cancer writing prompt, I was peaceably using my extra intellectual time to explore education, nature, and architectural design at my blog the Nature of Design.  You can learn about the Alaskan seafaring life and order healthy, wild salmon caught by my fella and I at Schoolhouse Fish Co. My biggest accomplishments of 2016 are quitting my day job (Executive Director at a conservation organization) and sojourning to Costa Rica to fulfill 200+ hour education requirements for both teaching vinyasa yoga and performing Thai bodywork.